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Outsourcing Your Exam Space? We Have The Desks For You

15 Dec

Outsourcing Your Exam Space? We Have The Desks For You

By Linsey S

We saw how a town hall made a beautiful and unique assessment venue when we installed 120 of our folding exam desks on the historic premises. Take a look at our images to see how the location and furniture resulted in a fantastic exam venue.

Space that suits

With nearly 2.5 million university students in the UK it’s not always easy for educational institutions to find the space or the furniture to hold the necessary assessments. We visited a beautiful historic building that’s been chosen by a UK university as an exam location and was installed with 120 of our folding exam desks. Although subject matter might vary a great deal in all the various tests going on across the UK, assessments themselves require very similar things. These include peace and quiet so students can give their full concentration to exam questions, as well as somewhere comfy to sit, and a reliable work surface too.

Why do universities outsource?

When it comes to finding the perfect location for assessments, lots of companies and educational institutions might find that they don’t have enough space, or perhaps the room available doesn’t filter out noises enough. Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that in the 2011/2012 academic year there were around 2.5 million undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK. This number has increased nearly every year from 2000, showing how continuing into higher education is becoming evermore popular over the years.

Unique venues that work

As can be expected, some of the institutes with the largest student numbers are based in our major cities, such as Leeds, Manchester and London. But when exam season comes around, then finding space for lots of students to sit assessments could mean universities choose off-site premises. To see how varied exam locations can be and how well our folding exam tables complement any assessment environment, we visited a stunning town hall in a city centre location. Often forming part of the local community, these kinds of buildings usually occupy a central position, making them ideal for students travelling to them for assessments. Older venues like the one we visited, often come with stunning architecture and high ceilings, as well as all the necessary space needed for large groups of candidates to sit exams.

Exam furniture to fit your location

Finding the right location is one element of arranging assessments, the other half involves ordering the best exam desks for your needs. For this round of tests, multiple rooms were booked at the venue concerned, and we took some snaps, so you can see how easy it is to configure our tables to the needs of the client. This large room contains three floors, in an almost balcony style. The large staircases, gilded mirrors and careful lighting added a peaceful quiet to the location, meaning that each candidate could concentrate with ease.

Doing our level best - and more!

We’re very happy to report that our products are perfect for when clients intend to install them across several levels. Our images show the end result of the installation, which is straightforward thanks to the lightweight yet robust material used to manufacture our desks. Because they fold as well, our tables are very easy to move around - even when there’s no lift. Of course, if you’d like any assistance with installation, simply let us know and we’ll do this for you at any UK venue!